2012 ADORE Announcement

January 11, 2012

With  new Year brings new adventures!   If you read my “Newsletter” you learned about some of the adventures ADORE Events took part in for 2011.  We can say HAPPY New Year, since it’s still January right?!?

Within the next few weeks I will be in transition out of my current location in the Village Center in Haile and moving to the Creekside Mall.  Our new neighbors will be The Grande Event and Jays Bridal!

In addition to the new location I will be opening a STORE where you can purchase items for your wedding day.  Some of the items will be custom and some you can get right away.  Our goal for you, as my clients, is to create an experience that allows you to look at the items in person without having to guess what you are buying online.

For Planning, if you have a meeting with me this week or next it will be in the current location unless I inform you otherwise.   Once the store is officially open, all meetings and consultations will be in our meeting area in the new store.  In an effort to make sure my clients I plan for are completely taken care of, as this is always the most important to me, you may see my husband Matt in the store from time to time.   He is super sweet and will be mostly in the purchasing department.  I’m excited to have him more a part of ADORE this year!

I WILL continue to be a FULL TIME Planner/Coordinator but after 13 years in the industry I’m excited about this new adventure to add on to what ADORE has already been established as.    I can’t wait to share more with you!!

Thank you all for being a part of the ADORE family and I look forward to offering more services to you!!!

Opening party to be announced in the near future!!  Stay tuned!


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